Tascam IFFW/DM

On Order. 45 Day Lowest Price - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. With a single FireWire connection the new IF-FW/FM gives the DM-24 up to twenty-four inputs and twenty-four outputs when connected to a digital audio workstation.


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by Andre
Nuendo is the way to go. Why, you ask? Simply because it gives you so much to work with, you might not even get to use most of the inrnsettieg things offered. In a post-production environment, Nuendo is just overkill for me. THAT'S why it's awesome. Plus, you don't get any touchscreen capabilities, yet .See I still get the pleasure of using my mouse and keyboard. Seriously, who would want a totally smooth, interactive, hands-on multi-media production system? I sure as heck wouldn't. That would take away all my years of non-touchscreen conditioning that i've learn to love away from me. I dont like change. No but seriously though, this sounds like a good idea.

by zhtqibe
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by laynmpzbpf
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by Bradley


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