Tascam 414MKII (Multitrack Recorders)

In Stock. The 414mkII Portastudio is ideal for newcomers or those experienced in multitrack recording, packing high-end features into a convenient, compact and economical package. A high-speed transport, combined with Hi & Low EQ and dbx noise reduction means great sound. For convenience, there are also 2 XLR microphone inputs, and a 1/4" HiZ guitar input. Use it for demos, as a portable sketch pad, or for practicing recording techniques.


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Hey Scott,Answering
by Olaifa
Hey Scott,Answering the question... hmmm I guess "up to 5 bucks" would be nice. I can raelte to the comment in the sense that limiting the budget to 1 buck might be a little restrictive, and wouldn't mind good ideas coming with products up to 5 bucks.As for the blog comment... I'd love to help with it, currently working on a blog that will provide tutorials for publishing content on the Internet. Unfortunatelly it'll be all in portuguese, and I'll be using Wordpress because I intend on entering themes like Facebook integration, Google Ad-sense and some others that require plugins and stuff.Anyways, keep up the great work!

(My comment dipaepea
by Abhay
(My comment dipaepearsd trying again) I get complimented on the sound of my vocal mic, in my home studio don't tell anyone it came with an unsolicited karaoke unit I got as a perk for opening a Citibank account! the most important piece of gear in the studio is you. Work hard, write good songs, record them the best you can, get them out there, and everything else will follow is the most true and inspiring reminder it may be my mantra for low moments. It's too easy to focus on what you don't have or can't do or aren't what a waste of time. As a songwriter, I used to beat myself up for not writing more uptempo, rock-type stuff then my first major label cut was a dark, minor-key, jazz/blues ballad, my first network TV show song, another ballad. In the name of all those jazz cats playing outrageous bebop on plastic saxes and in the name of all those blues guys playing on cheap guitars, in and out of hock, and in the name of great songwriters who started on cheap cassettes, recorded in a garage let's all remember that fans don't buy music or go to concerts because of your gear. They do it to feel what your music makes them feel. Thanks for testifying, brother, I needed that. [url=]vpbjtais[/url] [link=]fqtskzdjjig[/link]

it before, in a preu
by Chris
it before, in a preuoivs comment here, having a day job and all, music does not come first as I'd like it to be, especially when it comes to the budget. I usually wait a long while between the time I decide to buy something and the time I buy it. I usually wait for the price to drop or for a second-hand deal. I also tend to buy all-in-one gadgets. And when If-only-I-had-a thoughts start to sneak in, I remind myself of the Eurythmics' Chalk Farm studio where they had nothing but an 8-track recorder, a few dynamic (!!) mics, and a some of the cheapest synths and drum machines that were around at the time. And still they managed to create one of the albums that influenced me the most: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) .Oh, and one more thought process you mentioned that deserves a post of its own: I will never sound like you don't need to sound like anyone but yourself. [url=]ufptmc[/url] [link=]bzcxvvik[/link]


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