LP Cyclops Jingle Ring Steel Jingles

In Stock. 45 Day Lowest Price - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Exclusively designed for hi-hat use to create jingle patterns simply by pressing the hi-hat pedal. Available in either brass or steel jingles.


User Comments:

by Srinu
Right, so I got this headset for free. It does look nice, but that's it. It's uobmnfortacle, feels cheap, sounds awful. The dynamic range of these are just shit. With a wide range of frequencies at the same time, all you hear is garble. The sound is thin with lacking midrange. If you like sound, don't get it. If you want to look good, get it. Because that's all it is, just a piece of fashion. To say the least, I won't part with the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (I know.. the price, big difference).

by sakxnpjrdn
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by qaimdrvkam
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