Leblanc Opus Series Bb Clarinet New B Stock (Bb Clarinets (Standard))

Condidered by many to be the ultimate orchestral clarinet, the Opus has a rich tone that possesses great evenness, directness and power. Also, with its superior scale, the Opus simplifies playing in tune, especially in the upper clarion register.


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by Asun
Hi Greg,Thank you!Smart Music worked well, but I had to lower the tinung on it. Since it tunes at A 440 and my students did not quite have that tinung on their instruments yet (due to their weak embouchures), I lowered the tinung to 438 and that helped a lot. Then the students were scoring much better on their exercises. The advantages that I found were that we were using Standard of Excellence, and it was easy to pull up all of the exercises on screen. The students would come up to the computer, play along with Smart Music, and then see how many correct notes they played (green notes were correct; red notes were incorrect). This encouraged them to practice more because they were all about making their score higher.The flute players needed microphones because the computer microphone would not cut it. They could not produce enough sound for their playing to be assessed. The obstacles were that the students and I would have to work out the details during class. For example, once I experienced the tinung issue, I was able to correct it. However, students had to play and be assessed low for me to see that it could be fixed. So, trying to fix the obstacles as they occur was difficult because I had to convince the students that it was not them, it was me working with the software,Overall, once you work the software for your class, then it works very well.I hope that helps!Amy

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by darel

by gordon


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