Kurzweil PC1X 88 Key Performance Controller

In Stock. 45 Day Lowest Price - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The PC1X has it all: the benefits of a 64-note polyphonic portable digital piano; excellent gig-ready sounds you won't find anywhere else; plus an extremely versatile MIDI master keyboard with fully-weighted 88-key piano action.


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by Tanveer
Ah, this is about to be a lengthy resnpose, but I think I can answer all of your questions if you're down to read them.I'll go ahead and mention that being a DJ isn't exactly being somebody who makes beats .. Even though it seems like few people noticed that. I'm not saying it's a big deal or anything like that haha, just mentioning it to you. Might be helpful to remember when you look for advice from people. 1-There are a ton of methods that people use. Too many to begin to try to list them off, actually. A lot of people do sample from other songs.. You can actually use samples with keyboards too. And of course, the classic drum machine is preferred by many. I know a few people who prefer to use an electronic drum set to make their beats, too. Sorry I'm not giving a ton of details just yet, but it really is such a wide subject.2-How you record would really depend on the methods you choose that I started to mention above. Chances are very high that you'll come to find yourself doing the recording on a computer. But it's worth mentioning.. Not all methods for making beats REQUIRE recording 3- I'm assuming you mean hardware. There are a lot of options such as mpcs, keyboards, drum machines, ect But when you're just getting into it, I'd suggest saving making purchases for a time when you're more aware on what it is you're doing and what you want out of your equipment and which products would suit you best. Just starting out though.. I'd say just browse some DAW (digital audio workstation) programs for your computer and check some out. There are some free ones, and there are some that cost money but offer decent demos you can download.. And of course, you could simply download a cracked version for free.. But that's illegal so I don't suggest doing that. 4- Well, how much the stuff costs depends on what you buy. The DAWs I mentioned above can range from $50-ish to well over $500! There are also some good ones that are completely free! It really depends on the operating system your computer runs on though. If you're on a Mac, you already have something called Garageband. Not amazing =, but it gives you an idea of what it's like. The hardware though can range in price from $50-ish to well over $1000. You can usually get a decent midi controller (a keyboard or set of drum pads you hook up to your computer) for about $200 Give or take a little bit depending on what features you're looking for.a)Vinyl is for sampling. If you're going with the more modern and.. well.. increasingly popular methods I've mentioned above (using a computer), you will probably not wind up buying any vinyl records for the sake of making beats. And these things vary in price. You can find them used in a music store for a few bucks.. Depends on the actual record itself and how rare it is and such most times.b)CDs CAN be used in place as vinyl records on turntables (as well as other things such as MP3s). A good CD turntable will run you.. Uh.. Roughly $400-500 depending where you look. The features of these can be replicated (almost all of them, anyway) on a DAW though.. So unless you really prefer to use them for the hands-on factor, you probably wont want to get a cd turntable5-Yeah, most music stores have stuff like this. You'll find MUCH more on the internet than you will in actual shops. If you have a Best Buy around you with a music section, they'll have a lot of stuff that would interest you. You can go in and actually play with the products too and get a feel of them =D (which is very important in my opinion). If your local BB DOESN'T have a music section, it will still have a handful of products you can go and check out though. But yeah, the internet will be your best friend when it comes to stuff like this. 6-You can make your music without relying on a computer, yeah.. But in all honesty, you'll find yourself spending a LOT more cash =. Software is oftentimes more flexable than the hardware, and MUCH cheaper (sometimes free even), It's really important to remember.. Just because you go the route of using your computer doesn't mean you're giving up the hands-on feel aspect of music production. MIDI Controllers, as I mentioned earlier, are instruments that can be plugged into your computer to control sounds. For example, I do not own a synthesizer.. But I own a midi keyboard controller. I hook it up to my PC and run a software synthesizer to it and I'm hitting keys and it's giving me the sounds =D Just like the real deal, but at a fraction of the price. You can get midi controllers that look like keyboards, drum sets, turntables, and just about anything else you could imagine.Yeaaa, that was a bit long =, sorry about that. Hopefully I helped though. If you're really interested in the subject, you might want to check out the link in my reference section. I'm fairly new to making music/beats myself (been doing it just over a year now) and have recently found this forum and have

by hfjausrqeac
NxEKZU , [url=]mxygdedjafpd[/url], [link=]nmosuapcygrj[/link],

by fqdcgol
oJkkmR , [url=]mqgzycdepxtg[/url], [link=]bzmcusulcfsp[/link],


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