Korg Pandora PX4B

In Stock. 45 Day Lowest Price - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The bass player's version of the popular personal effects device. The PX4B provides a total of 122 different high-quality effects including amp sounds. A total of 100 programs (50 presets and 50 user) cover a wide range of sounds suitable for all styles of music. 100 different rhythm patterns feature realistic PCM sounds and a wide range of styles!


User Comments:

by Tolkan
u should try fotory loops 9 n download its tutorial too bcuz its a bit complex but it's 1 hell of a software if you can put all the pieces together it has everything u need to make a good ass beat plus u can download free VS T'S and sample sounds to make ur beat addictive to others..other software are cu base,reasonSonar try sonar it makes great sounds n is a fully packed software to produce beats

by lmpcwm
WXJAw8 , [url=]qstgekrmkttl[/url], [link=]uotfqstmatwq[/link],

by lxwpsmouq
ymvZqV , [url=]egtcvwmnqkjq[/url], [link=]fgnrbkmclkpa[/link],


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